Homeless Services Center:
The Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz is the main place that we host our clinics throughout the year. They offer food, showers, shelter and other resources to those experiencing homelessness in our community, and are our direct connection for creating productive and effective clinics. They do this, in part, by allowing our organization to coordinate on clinics within their center.

Challah for Hunger:
Challah for Hunger is an organization with a chapter housed in the Santa Cruz Hillel. Each week, Challah for Hunger prepares homemade, personal-sized challah to sell both on the night of baking and the following morning in our campus Quarry. Half of the proceeds go to a different organization in Santa Cruz each week, and they have graciously chosen CARe for many fundraising collaborations. Our club members attend Challah for Hunger baking sessions, as well as help with the selling on campus the next day.

UCSC Thimann Greenhouse:
The Thimann Greenhouse has graciously donated succulents and planter pots for CARe fundraising events.
Santa Cruz Aids Project: Santa Cruz Aides Projects works towards providing information and resources for people experiencing aids within our community. They have tabled at our clinic in the past to help promote safe sex and sex education.

UCSC Pre-Dental Society:
The UCSC Pre-Dental Society is a passionate organization focused on promoting good oral hygiene. At our clinic they have tabled and offered dental supplies such as floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

Calvary Episcopal Church:
The Calvary Episcopal Church offers dinners, resources and a community space for those experiencing homeless in Santa Cruz. We have collaborated with them on many clinics in the past, and hope for many more in the future.

Active Minds UCSC:
Active Minds UCSC helps to fight the stigmatization of mental illness by encouraging open dialogue and advocacy on campus. As this is a stigma also faced within the homeless population, we hope to collaborate at future clinics with their group of passionate and active volunteer base.