Meet the Board

The Directors: Heidi and Hannah

Photographer: Erin

Fundraising Coordinator: Joe

Outreach: Emily

“My name is Emily Truong, I am a third year student from UCSC and have been involved with CARe for two years because of a kind friend that introduced me to the organization. Currently, I am the Outreach Coordinator officer, which means that I work towards raising awareness and advertising to more individuals about our group and what we engage for as well as connecting with other organizations that may be interested in becoming involved with our health care clinics, fundraising, promoting, or so forth. This past year, CARe participated in the Practical Activism Conference in October where we recruited more students and connected with other organizations that showed interest in our mission. CARe is a wonderful nonprofit organization and I am so proud to be a part of this loving group that fundraises our money in order to buy necessary supplies for the health care clinics that we provide downtown at the Homeless Service Center.”

Secretary: Aubrey

Project Leader: AnnaRose

“My name is AnnaRose, and I first joined CARe during my sophomore year at UCSC. I think it is very important to be an active member of our community and help those in need because unfortunate life circumstances can happen to any one of us. I’ve also found it easy to fall into a bubble in college where it feels like our young lives are the center of everything, but CARe has taught me so much about empathy, humbleness, and the power of human kindness.

Outside of CARe, my other interests include playing Boggle, exploring outdoors, and binge-watching cooking shows. I think it’s always important to push your boundaries and try new things: you never know if you may actually like it!”


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